Make some room in your studio apartment

Let’s face it, studio apartments are tough to work with. How can you separate one big room into many separate areas? Doesn’t it always just end up feeling like the same big ol’ bedroom?

Well here are some suggestions to turn your living space into living SPACES. Don’t get stuck inviting everyone to your home, or should you introduce it as , eh, your bedroom?

First off, do you have a little crevice, nook, or indent you could hide your bed in?

Perfect, an easy fix!

Even if it sticks out slightly, it will still leave the bed more hidden. Use a curtain to hide you bed, and you can even make it more homey with pictures, a mirror, or as shown- a decorative ceiling light



Another easy fix to your space woes is a large cabinet or cupboard against your bed, to act as a wall. This wall will give you the illusion of separation between the bed and the rest of the space you are in 




Voila! A studio turned 1 bed 1 bath mansion!

The last, easiest fix are space separators, or room dividers. Most people use these to separate out their spaces

You can find some cute room separators here and room dividers here



Have some more ideas? 

How did you separate out your studio apartment?

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-The Nesters


Cheap, crafty, and trendy decorations for a designer on a budget

Are you trying to decorate your space with some trendy additions?

If you have ever walked into Crate &Barrel or Pier 1, you know that a little style retouching will cost quite a chunk of change.

Why not thrift your way to fabulous space?

       Colored vases add a great touch to your home.  A small display with a few vases and an ornate statue are a great accent that can give your hallway, living room, or bedroom a new feel.

 Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 2.36.56 PM

Vases & apothecary jars run anywhere from $20 – $200 dollars!

Check out this $35 tall vase

Which you can find for $3 !

To jazz it up, you can easily make your own colorful vase

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 1.43.21 PM

Start of by buying the vases you like. You can find these at dollar stores as well online discount flower shops providers.

Here are some nifty vases that are dirt cheap to buy : Tall Rectangle Vase , Apothecary VaseSquare Vase , Very Tall Skinny Vase , Bubble Vase , Decorative Shape Vase , Bubble Small-Neck Vase , Cylinder Vase

Next, pick up some acrylic paint at a local Jo-Ann’s, Michaels, or maybe even the dollar store you are at

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 2.13.38 PM

Start by mixing the color you want. Many stores will have cheap acrylic paints in basic colors (i.e. Blue Yellow Red and White)

Our 2nd grade teachers taught us that we could make virtually any color we want with these!

The trick to this look is to paint the INSIDE of the vase. Painting the inside will give it that professional Pier 1 Imports look, as opposed to a fourth grade arts and crafts project.

Here, we are going for a cool light blue by mixing a tad of blue into a big blob of white.

When you are mixing colors, you want to start with white and mix into it. Do not start with blue and mix in white- you will end up using all your white paint just trying to lighten up the blue. Instead – start with white and mix in a tad of the darker color. You can mix in more as you go to darken it.

Also- mix ALL the paint you need. You do not want to run out of paint and have 3 vases are 3 slightly different colors of light blue.

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 2.13.44 PM

So once you have your color – drip it into the bottom of the vase as shown. Drag the paint upwards with your brush delicately. You don’t want streaks showing

If you are feeling adventurous- you could paint a few streaks of a darker or lighter color on the inside and let that dry, before you drip the main paint color into the bottom

You could also mix your paint VERY lightly so that you will have sporadic white and darker blue appearances on the inside of your vase instead of one solid color

Let this dry. If you think the color is see through or not solid all the way through (cheaper acrylic paint could have that effect). You can paint the vase twice!

 Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 1.43.30 PM

Voila – chic and trendy for a few bucks!

Enjoyed the crafting? Have some ideas us?

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-The Nesters

Light up your nest with some new decorative additions!

A small touch goes a long way in a small space! Jazz up the entrance into your home by adding two decorative lights to your ensemble.


First, look for a long skinny table you can fit along a wall or behind a couch. Since apartment spaces are usually on the smaller side, you want the table as skinny as possible so it fits snugly against the wall or sofa.


Keep it in an open space, a wall you may have that doesn’t have much along it.

Adding a mirror above the table also makes your space appear larger and better lit. Candles in decorative vases are also a great addition


Add some baskets under for extra storage space for magazines or even shoes if you place the table near a door or hall


Find two matching lamps that have a chic decor about them. This will add character to you space, so you want the lamps to match the style you have decorated your home with


Enjoyed the advice? Have some more for us?

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We would love to know how you feathered your nest into a homey chic space

-The Nesters

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

Let’s face it, city life can get a little… cramped. Studio apartments and tiny one-bedrooms aren’t exactly the ideal place if you’re looking for space. But just because you don’t have space doesn’t mean you can’t make your apartment look and feel big! Follow these five easy Nest Tips to transform your home from small to spacious.

1) The Light Colors are the Right Colors – When you want to make your home feel bigger it’s important not to weigh it down with darker colors. To make any room look larger, use light colors on the walls to make it feel more open. If you’re really set on using dark colors on the wall, then try painting just one accent wall the darker color and keeping the others a lighter neutral.

2) Organize! – Get creative with storage ideas! Use a chest as a side table, use your bookcase for more than just books, and utilize under-the-bed storage solutions. (The Container Store is your friend!) An organized space translates visually as a larger space, so clear that clutter!

3) Check Your Reflection – It’s no secret that mirrors make any space look bigger. Hang a mirror across from a focal point in your room to create depth, or hang one across from your windows to reflect light. The result? Instant space!

4) Out with the Old. In with the Glass! – What textures and surfaces you use in your home can help to create the illusion of space. Glass coffee tables or floating shelves are ideal for making small spaces look big because they’re translucent and reflect sunlight!

5) Open Those Curtains! – Natural light makes any small space look larger, so open up those windows and let the sunshine in!

If you follow these steps you’ll be sure to make your home feel bigger and better in no time! Do you have any other tips that have worked to make your home feel larger? We’d love to hear them in the comments or tweet us @NestDC #NestTips! Happy nesting!

A Little Fabric Goes A Long Way

For those of us with limited sewing skills, it’s easy to get intimidated by the idea of using fabric for design purposes, but today’s Nest Tip will ease your woven woes! Here are two ways to use fabric around your home that are sure to make your nest look it’s best!

Looking for an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your walls? Buying art can be a time-consuming and costly process, but a little bit of fabric can be transformed into the most interesting artwork your walls have ever seen! To use fabric for wall art all you need is a cut of your favorite print and a collection of blank canvases (these can be found at any craft or art supply store). Simply stretch the fabric over the canvases and use staples to secure it in place. Then hang the canvases on your wall for your daily dose of instant art!

If you can’t get enough DIY fabric ideas for your home, check out this headboard made from different fabric prints! The process for this headboard is very similar to the fabric artworks, so no sewing needed! For a complete set of instructions to this project, click here. This headboard is sure to make your room (and your bed) look a lot cozier!

Have another way to use fabric in your home? We’d love you hear your favorite design stories (or see pictures of your work) in the comments below! Happy nesting everyone!

An A-peel-ing Design

Gone are the days where renters have to live amongst drab, white walls! Sherwin Williams has recently come out with a line of easily-removable wallpaper for your apartment! Put it up on any wall to add a splash of color and pattern, and then when it’s time to move, simply peel it off the walls! The wallpaper sticks with a temporary adhesive, so you won’t have to worry about any of the frustration and sticky residue that comes with traditional wallpaper.

Adding color is the fastest way to make any space feel like home, but if you’re a fan of neutrals, the selection of patterned wallpapers can also be used to personalize your space! This dining room (above) is the perfect example of how a simple pattern can add the final touch to any room. With so many styles, it’s easy to make your nest feel unique! These prints are some of our favorites, and these are also really fun!