Nest-DC is a Washington D.C. based property management, design, and relocation boutique.

For more information visit our website at or see below!



If you own a property, let Nest DC find a tenant that calls your home their own.

This is a nuanced field and doing it well requires intuition, patience, good people skills and a sense of humor. It’s also helpful to know how to fix a toilet in a pinch. We have that skill too. And more.

We are detail oriented and flexible as property managers. We can work with owners interested in being hands off, or highly involved. We offer a full range of property management services that range from total management to a la carte service. Want to know more? Visit our website at:



We can’t manage a property (or imagine a space) that doesn’t look fabulous. From sophisticated to simply cozy, Nest can make any space feel like home. If you think interior design is out of reach, think again. We work with spaces and budgets in all shapes and sizes. We’ll help you create a space that is all you but with a flare you might not have thought of. Think color, comfort, individuality and nesting. We do — All day long!

If you want to learn more about our design work, visit us at:

“Nest took my offices and transformed them into a space that felt more like home. My staff is happier, my clients take note and we never dread Monday morning. Even better, they delivered on time and within my tight budget. I recommend them to everyone I know.” – Tim Hawkins, LT Business Dynamics



We help tenants relocating from other cities or other neighborhoods find the perfect space. Our services include property search, lease negotiation, neighborhood review, moving tips and DC guide. When you have a team of relocation experts on the hunt for you, time off from work and expensive airfare and hotel rooms aren’t something you have to stress over.  Life is all about taking chances – dive in: Nest with us!

“Nest DC helped us find the perfect place to live in just one weekend and made our whirlwind move from NYC smoother than we ever felt possible.  I wouldn’t do it any other way.” Brad & Jane

Check us out at:


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