The Wait is Over! D.C. Metro Opens New Silver Line

After many years of planning and anticipation, the D.C. Metro Silver Line train has now been opened to the public! This 23-mile extension branches off from the Orange Line at East Falls Church and spans from downtown Largo Town Center out to Wiehle–Reston East. The first full week of public use racked up 220,000 passengers boarding from Silver Line stops. About 8,000 of those riders shifted from regular Orange Line use, and an estimated 6,000 new riders utilized the line.


Image Courtesy of WMATA

This $6.8 billion project is the first metro line to open up in the past 20 years, and is only currently in phase 1. Phase 2 will eventually connect to Dulles in 2018, adding another 11.5 miles to the Silver Line and allowing smooth transit to the airport!

Screen shot 2014-08-13 at 12.41.00 PM 

Image Courtesy of WMATA

The Silver Line hopes to be a central mode of transportation for commuters from Virginia, decreasing the amount of cars on the roads and the ever increasing traffic that floods D.C. This line links to the popular shopping center at Tysons Corner, which connects to over 100,000 jobs alone. With the projected increased use of the Silver Line, the urban employment development is expected to jump, transforming Northern Virginia!


Tysons Corner Station Render courtesy of Fairfax County 

For more information visit the Silver Line website or the WMATA!


Lost in Design: BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group in D.C.

If you are looking for a unique museum experience, and have yet to check out the National Building Museum this summer, time is running out to enjoy this extraordinary exhibit! Esteemed Danish architecture firm, BIG, has built a 60 square foot plywood maze spanning the west end of the museum’s Great Hall.

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 2.10.51 PM

Image courtesy of BIG

Drawing from multiple precedents such as the Greek Labyrinth and Renaissance hedge mazes, architect Bjarke Ingles has designed a rare spectacle that visitors can become immersed, and lost in. The walls of the maze soar 18 feet high on the outskirts, creating a cubed exterior, leading visitors into the twist and turns of the maple plywood. The distinctive aspect of this maze design is the diminishing heights of the walls as you reach the central portion of the maze.

 Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 2.16.03 PM

Image courtesy of BIG

“As you travel deeper into a maze, your path typically becomes more convoluted. What if we invert this scenario and create a panopticon that brings clarity and visual understanding upon reaching the heart of the labyrinth? From outside, the maze’s cube-like form hides the final reveal behind its 18 foot tall walls. On the inside, the walls slowly descend towards the center which concludes with a grand reveal—a 360 degree understanding from where you came and where you shall go” –BIG team

 BIG_bjarke_ingels_group_big-maze_16_1080Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 1.51.41 PM

Images Courtesy of BIG

Enjoy the excitement of venturing through the maze and then climb to the 3rd floor of the museum to experience the birds eye view of your path.

The exhibit ends September 1st and all ticket information can be found on the National Building Museum website! Check out the evening events open on Thursdays this August!

Harvesting Innovation: D.C. Roof Gardens

D.C. is all about green building and design, but Up Top Acres is taking sustainability to a whole new level, the highest level– the roof! Maximizing real estate in the commercial Washington D.C. area, the farmers of Up Top Acres plan to convert city roofs into flourishing gardens, educational gathering places, and venue spaces for community events.


Images courtesy of Up Top Acres (facebook)

The Benefits

Mitigating the roof top real estate of the urban infrastructure will have a number of benefits for the city including environmental, economic, and educational development. First off, the gardens will play a huge roll in conserving storm water run off and converting that into a valuable resource. The gardens will also maintain lower temperatures for the building, keeping the building 40-50 degrees cooler than the average rooftop in the city. Implementing roof top gardens through the city will ultimately improve air quality while providing delicious locally grown fruits and veggies!


Images courtesy of Up Top Acres

Up Top Acres gardening program will also be an economic boost for properties taking part. Not only will the roof top gardens help maintain the life of the conventional roof, but will also help lower energy use for cooling by up to 20%. The city will also be working with Up Top Acres to offer rebates and storm water retention credits.


Images courtesy of Up Top Acres

The education aspect of the Up Top Acres mission is another huge driving factor in creating a successful and sustainable farming community in D.C. By providing training in all aspects of their projects, Up Top Acres is a valued source for the public when it comes to environmental action and local farming development.

Roof top gardens will create a whole new layer to the city that has not been tapped into on a large scale. Creating not only a method of healthy food production, but space for gathering, these gardens will be an escape from the chaos of the city and the built environment.


Image courtesy of Elevation DC

Co-founders Jeff Prost-Greene, Kristof Grina and Kathleen O’Keefe all went to Woodrow Wilson Senior High School together in NW D.C. then branched out to different universities– Jeff to UMass Amherst, Kristof to UVM and and Kathleen to Yale. They all studied different things– Kristof majored in Agriculture, Jeff in Business and Kathleen in Urban Planning.  They found themselves drawn back to DC and connecting through this common passion to bring agriculture to D.C., and to do it in a smart and replicable way. The outcome was Up Top Acres.

The farmers of Up Top Acres can be found at Union Market (right off of the NOMA Metro stop). Swing by for some samples and meet the bright young Washington natives that are working to transform where D.C.’s produce comes from!

For more information visit their web site here: Up Top Acres or check them out on facebook!

A City Transformed: The 11th Street Bridge Park

D.C. has been changing and growing at an astounding rate in the last few years and we are so lucky to call this wonderful city our home! With one of the highest move-in rates in the country, Washington D.C. is finding new ways to improve and make the best of every inch of the city. One project that has been underway since 2009 is the 11th Street Bridge Park in Anacostia. Over 80 architecture and landscape design teams have competed for the honor of implementing their vision to span the banks of the Anacostia River. The bridge park intends to be a place of not only transit but a place of activated recreation for the public. Located between the northern Navy Yard/Capitol Hill area and Historic Anacostia, the repurposed highway will no longer be covered in speeding traffic, but families, restaurants, and learning centers.

Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 11.16.33 AM

Conceptual Illustrations by Ed Estes courtesy of the Office of Planning


The District Department of Transportation and THEARC are working together to completely transform the 11th Street Bridge in hopes to link the residents from all ends of the city. This architectural symbol will not only be a form of connection, but a destination in and of itself. With outdoor performance spaces, an environmental education center, and healthy food vendors, this project intends to be an icon of art, culture, and community. Visitors will be able to experience the city in a whole new light, elevated above the river, surrounded by lively Washingtonians.

Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 11.16.23 AM


Conceptual Illustrations by Ed Estes courtesy of the Office of Planning 


This project aims to improve quality of life for residents all across the District. 76,000 residents live within only 2 miles of the bridge park, and the project has already encouraged community outreach and participation in the planning stages. The bridge park will create not only an aesthetic figure for D.C., but will raise awareness about health, education, and the Anacostia River cleanup.

Screen shot 2014-07-16 at 11.00.31 AM


Courtesy of PDF

Construction is expected to be completed in 2015 – and we can’t wait! More information can be found on the website and 11th Street Bridge



4th of July in The Nation’s Capital!

4th of July is right around the corner and D.C. is the best place to celebrate our nation’s birthday! Whether you’re new to town or looking for a fresh new spot to enjoy the fireworks, we’ve got a few great places and events to check out around the city!


ImageThe Independence Day parade is one of the biggest events leading up to the fireworks.  Jam packed with marching bands, celebratory floats, military units, and special guests, the Independence Day Parade is a must see! The parade starts at 11:45 am on Constitution and 7th Street and is metro accessible.  Come celebrate with the large crowd of Washingtonians and enjoy this unique gathering!


ImageThe Smithsonian Folklife Festival is another daytime event going on on the National Mall.  Full of performances, food, music, and crafts, the Folklife Festival is a flood of culture and excitement to the city!  Arrive to the Mall between 11:00am- 5:00pm to enjoy the positive energy and people!



ImageThe Capitol Fourth Concert begins at 8:00 on the West Lawn of the Capitol.  Performances by the National Symphony Orchestra and other guests will be going on for your enjoyment right up until the fireworks begin across the Mall!


ImageFor a super family friendly evening, come to the Georgetown Waterfront Park and relax in the newly landscaped area equipped with a fountain for kids to run though and amphitheater overlooking the river. Bike down on the Crescent trail right to the park, bring a picnic, and enjoy the view of the fireworks over the Potomac River!



ImageThe National Cathedral Bishop’s Garden, located on the south side of the Cathedral, is the perfect low-key place to have a late afternoon celebration. Bring the kids and a picnic and relax in the gardens before viewing the epic show.  Tucked beyond the parking lot is the hill overlooking the city with an amazing view of the Washington Monument and all the festivities! 


You can brave the crowds and join the party on the National Mall, or pick one of the low-key spots for your 4th of July adventure, either way you’re bound to have a good time in the nation’s capitol!  


Happy 4th!!!

Barking up the Philanthropy Tree!

10 Out of 10 Dogs Agree: A Vote for Nest is a Vote for DC!

Where is the value in values based business? We see it every time we give something back to the community.  Lots of folks in the business world talk about economic engines, opportunity costs, gross margins, cost benefit, and on and on. At Nest, we figure it this way … doing good business means we get more business. It’s a pretty simple formula (no pie charts here) and it seems to work.  Doing good business means being good to our community and that includes people, places and especially pets. We hope you’ll join us! 

10 Out of 10 Dogs Agree: A Vote for Nest is a Vote for DC! 
10 Out of 10 Dogs Agree: A Vote for Nest is a Vote for DC!

It’s no secret we’re keen (some may say obsessed:) with winning the top prize in the DC City Paper’s “Best of” issue. But rather than spend our Nest bucks on a marketing campaign for this highly competitive contest, we would rather feather the nest of one of our favorite non-profits – City Dogs Rescue. 10 out of 10 dogs agree, this is a great cause! That’s why a vote from you nets five dollars for them.  

We’ll be honest, even if voting isn’t your thing but giving is, just tell us you voted. We’ll never know the difference but you will still put a smile on our face.  If you do want to vote, the City Paper keeps it simple and it takes just a second.  We’ll feel like winners no matter what. The real win would be saving every dog in need of a home.  Why not dream? We think anything is possible. It’s why we started Nest!

Polar Vortex Dance Party Recommendations!

Being outside has been a serious drag this season. All the more reason to explore indoor culture. With the weekend coming up, I recommend dancing! Here are some sweet spots I love. A guaranteed good time and a great way to turn up the heat.

Flash is new to the scene. Located on the corner of Georgia and Florida, you enter through a photo booth and then the dance party really starts. Den of Theives, the latest club opened by Eric Hilton is next door to Marvin and sure to be hot.  BUT, If you want tried and true, 18th Street Lounge has 4 rooms and is a mainstay of the DC music scene with a different theme nightly per room as well as live music nightly Tuesday-Saturday. Come here for jazz, funk, reggae, and anything along the way towards house music and other electronic stylings. U street is filled with places to go dancing. The best venue hands down is U St. Music Hall, this DJ owned and operated space, has a world class sound system and intimate environment where you can hear everything from underground and local acts to living legends of the electronic music community. They frequently collaborate with the 9:30 club as well. Speaking of which …  9:30 club has two rooms (one on the side and one underneath) respectively called the Satellite Room and Backbar where you can hear great up and coming local DJ’s playing everything from Wu Tang Clan to Techno (depending the night).  Everyone has heard of the Black Cat – one of the foremost live music venues in the DMV area- and there’s a reason for that. In addition to bands, the venue has helped set the stage for a number of longstanding DC dance parties. Genres range from 80s pop to hip hop and everything in-between.

Head to H Street for a night at the Rock and Roll Hotel. While their name may imply otherwise (RNR Hotel is frequently host to massive dance parties). The DJ’s are generally the top of the local supply and music is guaranteed to keep you dancing. They even have a Rock and Roll Spelling Bee on Fridays, code for an epic adult drinking game. 

Bug Out! Beat The Wintertime Ailments


When one Nester goes down, we all feel bad. This week, with all the drama any kind of vortex might mean for our work, we had two fall from the flock with one of the worst stomach bugs either can recall. We’ll spare you the details. Lucky for us, cross training and teamwork meant the dramas could continue. In between a “flurry” of emails and calls – the remaining Nesters sanitized every square inch of the office.  We want to be on top of our game, not on the toilet. This winter, do yourself, your family and your co-workers a big favor and avoid falling victim to viral and bacterial woes. A wave of gastroenteritis is going round and round this year and this viral stomach bug is both hideous, and highly contagious. Hand washing is key.  We mean all the time. Carry on the go lotion if your hands start to dry out. Make sure your kitchen is clean and if you know someone has had the bug recently, kindly ask them to get take out.  To be on the safe side, though sharing is caring, avoid using the same drinking glass or forks when bugs are on the move.  Wash fruits and veggies from the market, too. You never know who handled those goodies and they could turn into goblins.  

While gastric madness might be viral and have no treatment – we can all do ourselves a favor and treat ourselves to a flu shot this year. Though influenza can be treated for most healthy folks, it’s also preventable! Check out this link to find a location for a flu shot near you. All Nesters get a freebie flu shot and we suspect your employer might be equally interested in seeing you day after day at your smiling best!
If you do get sick take care of yourself!   Fluids fluids fluids, rest rest rest. Binge on Netflix. Remember you’re contagious even after you feel better. Here are great tips from Web MD  to get back on your feet!

Time to Re”treat” to the Kitchen!

Dressing up definitely isn’t my favorite Halloween tradition. I prefer the edibles this time of year.  Anyone in the office knows I’m a bit of a sugar enthusiast so right about now, I’m ready for a treat!  You can never go wrong with tradition. Anything bite sized and chocolate, candy corn and gummy worms keep me smiling all day.  But homemade sweet treats steal the show for the Nest team. Some of our favorites? I like the pumpkin crunch cake! It’s fast, economical and addictive. 

If the cupcake is a trend you like to ride, Grace swears by the green witch cupcake, but then you can get ultra trendy with Halloween cake pops. Laura will be serving those at her annual  Halloween block party. In her pumpkin costume. Speaking of “witch,” this year, the “boss lady” will be heading door to door with little Beckett Wise. He’ll look particularly scrumptious in his doggy costume!    

If you have a holiday recipe you want to share on our Facebook page, we’ll make a $10 donation to the Captial Area Foodbank. That’s a sweet deal!

In the meantime, for some eye candy, check out our gorgeous 1 bedroom loft with a den at the popular and perfectly located Floridian!

See you in the candy isle!

Make some room in your studio apartment

Let’s face it, studio apartments are tough to work with. How can you separate one big room into many separate areas? Doesn’t it always just end up feeling like the same big ol’ bedroom?

Well here are some suggestions to turn your living space into living SPACES. Don’t get stuck inviting everyone to your home, or should you introduce it as , eh, your bedroom?

First off, do you have a little crevice, nook, or indent you could hide your bed in?

Perfect, an easy fix!

Even if it sticks out slightly, it will still leave the bed more hidden. Use a curtain to hide you bed, and you can even make it more homey with pictures, a mirror, or as shown- a decorative ceiling light



Another easy fix to your space woes is a large cabinet or cupboard against your bed, to act as a wall. This wall will give you the illusion of separation between the bed and the rest of the space you are in 




Voila! A studio turned 1 bed 1 bath mansion!

The last, easiest fix are space separators, or room dividers. Most people use these to separate out their spaces

You can find some cute room separators here and room dividers here



Have some more ideas? 

How did you separate out your studio apartment?

Comment and let us know!

-The Nesters