NEST DC is Washington’s only boutique property management and design company that delights in every detail.

Chief Nesters

Lisa Wise

When I was 8, an argument with my brother over tree house rights resulted in a profitable compromise. A corner of the family storage shed was reserved for my childhood antics. I carpeted, painted and installed drywall in my new little space with all the expertise of a kid – then promptly started my own little neighborhood business solving crimes.

Not much has changed. I’ve been managing property in my own portfolio and for clients since 1996. My work has always been cause driven, entrepreneurial, and community focused. I served as Executive Director for the Center for a New American Dream, a national environmental non-profit and as Vice President of Genetic Alliance, a national health care advocacy organization in Washington, DC. I also spent five years as national field manager for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

After all of this, why NEST? This business combines my passion for hands on, highly personalized work with interesting people and spaces. I get to channel my inner entrepreneur but also focus on making a difference in the community. My broad range of experience means I can manage complex problems and projects, highly functional teams, and operate a large, socially responsible business with an eye toward a bottom line results. Nest is the perfect fit.

Jim Pollack

Home design and aesthetics have always been my passion. Rearranging my bedroom every other week and building little towns in the backyard for my Hot Wheels were pretty indicative of my future. As an adult, I’m still rearranging my bedroom and building communities for others and myself.I graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Landscape Architecture and for 20 years have been designing dynamic landscape and interiors from the west coast to the east coast. (This means if you want a pool designed for your urban backyard, I’m your guy.)

Having been an owner, renter, and landlord, I can see all sides of the equation. I cover all the bases with my specialty in design, client management, marketing and experience in all-around home remodeling and repairs (this includes the rapid toilet repair thing we talked about under client services). Owners can feel at ease…tenants can feel at ease.

I’m the guy at the party you hear before you see. I have an infamous, infectious and distinctive laugh. I’m glad I have it. I really want people to be relaxed and comfortable around me. It’s the only way to get to know someone. So…whether you’re looking for a place, you’re a homeowner, or you’re thinking about relocating here…let’s chat, find you what you need, and see how NEST can help you!

The Nest Team

Rhianna Campbell

After years in the field managing my own portfolio of property management clients, I decided to join forces with Nest – a company with true flare. As an incurable real estate enthusiast and someone who keeps a tool bag in my trunk (just in case) Nest is the perfect fit. I keep our tenants happy and as a native Washingtonian, offer an insider perspective for all of our relocation clients looking for the perfect nest.

Laura Van De Geijn

Growing up in Chevy Chase, DC, Laura knows exactly what its like to call the District home. After attending both high school and college here, she couldn’t imagine having her nest anywhere else. With a background in interior design and geography, Laura brings a unique perspective to the Nest team. Her passion for understanding what ultimately makes spaces and places appealing to people is an integral part of helping clients find not only a great house but also a great neighborhood to call home.


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