Bug Out! Beat The Wintertime Ailments


When one Nester goes down, we all feel bad. This week, with all the drama any kind of vortex might mean for our work, we had two fall from the flock with one of the worst stomach bugs either can recall. We’ll spare you the details. Lucky for us, cross training and teamwork meant the dramas could continue. In between a “flurry” of emails and calls – the remaining Nesters sanitized every square inch of the office.  We want to be on top of our game, not on the toilet. This winter, do yourself, your family and your co-workers a big favor and avoid falling victim to viral and bacterial woes. A wave of gastroenteritis is going round and round this year and this viral stomach bug is both hideous, and highly contagious. Hand washing is key.  We mean all the time. Carry on the go lotion if your hands start to dry out. Make sure your kitchen is clean and if you know someone has had the bug recently, kindly ask them to get take out.  To be on the safe side, though sharing is caring, avoid using the same drinking glass or forks when bugs are on the move.  Wash fruits and veggies from the market, too. You never know who handled those goodies and they could turn into goblins.  

While gastric madness might be viral and have no treatment – we can all do ourselves a favor and treat ourselves to a flu shot this year. Though influenza can be treated for most healthy folks, it’s also preventable! Check out this link to find a location for a flu shot near you. All Nesters get a freebie flu shot and we suspect your employer might be equally interested in seeing you day after day at your smiling best!
If you do get sick take care of yourself!   Fluids fluids fluids, rest rest rest. Binge on Netflix. Remember you’re contagious even after you feel better. Here are great tips from Web MD  to get back on your feet!

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