Time to Re”treat” to the Kitchen!

Dressing up definitely isn’t my favorite Halloween tradition. I prefer the edibles this time of year.  Anyone in the office knows I’m a bit of a sugar enthusiast so right about now, I’m ready for a treat!  You can never go wrong with tradition. Anything bite sized and chocolate, candy corn and gummy worms keep me smiling all day.  But homemade sweet treats steal the show for the Nest team. Some of our favorites? I like the pumpkin crunch cake! It’s fast, economical and addictive. 

If the cupcake is a trend you like to ride, Grace swears by the green witch cupcake, but then you can get ultra trendy with Halloween cake pops. Laura will be serving those at her annual  Halloween block party. In her pumpkin costume. Speaking of “witch,” this year, the “boss lady” will be heading door to door with little Beckett Wise. He’ll look particularly scrumptious in his doggy costume!    

If you have a holiday recipe you want to share on our Facebook page, we’ll make a $10 donation to the Captial Area Foodbank. That’s a sweet deal!

In the meantime, for some eye candy, check out our gorgeous 1 bedroom loft with a den at the popular and perfectly located Floridian!

See you in the candy isle!


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