Fall in love this Valentine’s Day! For the lovely ladies

As promised, here is part two of “Fall in love with Crafty Gifts this Valentine’s Day”

 – Crafty gifts for your gal pals –

Show them a little love with the cutest gift of all – a homemade pedicure kit!

Grab a mason jar from your local grocery store and fill it with all the pedicure necessities a girl needs.


Decorate and personalize your gift to put a smile on your ladies’ faces (to go along with their new twinkle toes!)

All these necessities are available in travel form, so they are small enough to fit into a mason jar as well as cheap to buy!

Crafty, Affordable, Adorable, what’s there not to LOVE?

Some suggestions to fill your jar: 

A small pumice stone goes a long way

Curel offers travel size extreme moisture lotions

A cute pattern nail file

Nail clippers

Some loose cotton balls

Travel size nail polish remover

Cuticle Pushers (Your local drugstore will have these!)

Don’t forget toe separators!


Lastly – Nail Polish!

Buy a red, pink, or purple color to keep the Cupid in your shuffle

Tip: the nail polish is where you want to splurge in this gift, get the most expensive nail polish you can afford — although Wet & Wild offers $2 nail polish, they chip and flake easily – and nothing dulls your sparkle more than a chipped nail the next morning!

Tip to the Tip : CVS always has buy one get one or buy one get on 50% off for decent quality nail polishes, so if you are making more than one jar- you can get a great deal! If you are feeling even more savings savvy – type in “Sally Hansen printable coupons” (or “Revlon” “Essie” or “OPI” or whatever brand you are looking at) into your search engine and see if they are offering a coupon online you can print & use


After you have the contents of your jar – It’s time to decorate the Mason Jar itself!

Here are some ideas:

Get that modge podge out of your kiddie’s art supplies

If you don’t have modge podge, Elmer’s glue will do just fine

Print out some pictures of hearts and glue them around the jar. Cover the picture with Elmer’s glue using a small paint brush to get that glassy crafty look.

Glue some jewels / rhinestones around the jar

Write your honey bunch’s name in script using a acrylic paints or pen (or you can print it out and paste again using the Elmer’s glue technique

 Finish it off with a nice blow wrapped around the neck of the jar

Customize your design and tell us about it below!


The best part!– I am always loosing my nail clippers, files, and nail polishes! To have a little kit in a jar that I can store on a shelf is the easiest way to keep your feet groomed and your beauty on a high.

Let us know what you think about this idea ! Did your friends love it? Did you add something to it?


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