Fall In Love with Crafty Gifts this Valentine’s Day

Lacy Frills, Sparkly Hearts, Cupid’s invaded every corner of our lives for Valentine’s Day

Why not give your friends a little love this year?

Even if you are tight on cash or just want to be a crafty Valentine, surprising your closest sweetie pies with a gift from the heart will surely brighten their day.

All this week, the Nesters will provide you with ideas for your coworkers and friends that are savings savvy and wonderfully crafty

What better way to arrive at work than bearing delicious snacks for your coworkers? Forget the fake chocolate hearts and high fructose candy bars that will have your dentist cashing in, make a healthier holiday snack plate instead! Add a little love in your design by shaping your treats into a heart.


Start out with: 

  – 1 small package of dried cranberries –

 – 1 package of large truffles –

                           ( tip: you unwrap and use Ferrero rocher chocolates,                             easily found in CVS or your local grocery stores)

 – 1 pouch of microwavable popcorn –

(tip: use butter popcorn to have that sweet and salty taste)

–  1 large tray –

Have a little extra cash?

Tip – instead of popcorn, substitute in almonds around the heart. It healthier and more filling, and will go perfectly with those dried cranberries.

You can even go all out with your craft and add a layer of raisins around the chocolates to add an extra burst of color

 The best part about this tray is the endless possibilities! If you don’t want to spend the cash on truffles, you can try substituting in M&M’s, which are available in pink and red colors for Valentine’s day. Just a warning: the M&M’s will be harder to shape and move around when you are trying to maintain your heart shape


1. Start out lining a big heart with your truffles. You will need the shape already made so that you can fill it with the cranberries. Since most truffles will be round, you can shave off a little bit of chocolate on the bottom for a flat base that will stay in place on your tray

Try making the heart fill up about 75% of your tray, so that you have enough room to fit the popcorn.

2. Fill in your cranberries carefully, you do not want to have to start over due to the blob that the cranberries made instead of a stenciled heart.

3. Pop your popcorn in the microwave and fill in the outside

 Cover with plastic wrap and take to work!

Check back in tomorrow for a thrifty and crafty ideas for your girl friends!

In the mean time – did you surprise your Valentine with this yummy idea? 

Did you make any modifications? 

The Nesters would love to hear about it below !



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