Holiday “Cheers!”

It’s the holiday season, and that can only mean one thing: holiday parties! And a holiday party isn’t a party unless you’ve got some festive drinks to serve. Even if you don’t have the space (or cash) for a full in-home bar, you can still show off your wares when you’re the host. Your guests will love the display, and also love what’s inside!




 If we only knew in college that books and drinking could coexist so peacefully! Stock an empty (or even partially empty) bookshelf with glasses and bottles. This is great for the party season because you can clear out the books on a shelf that you already use, and replace it with alcohol just for the night of the party. No extra space needed!





Alright, this one takes up space, but look how pretty it is! An armoire can be a great permanent addition to a studio space or a living room, and (bonus!) you can close the doors when you don’t want to own up to what’s inside.




This option is cheap, portable, and doesn’t take up space. The classic bar cart is a great way to show your guests everything you have on tap.




So simple! Jazz up any countertop with a rustic, antique wooden box. Space effective and easy to find, this bar alternative is low-commitment and stylish. 


Do you have a favorite holiday-hosting tip (or a favorite holiday cocktail recipe?!)? Let us know!


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