No-Cost Decorating: Furnishings you didn’t know you had!

What better way can you think of to give your home some of your personality than by using your own stuff! Collect your own things from around the house and put them on display. We guarantee you have some of these things lying around just waiting to be showcased. And the best part is, there’s no cost to these projects–you own the materials already!

An old magazine


This idea is perfect for a temporary space because it’s cheap, replicable, and compact. All you need is one magazine and you can reproduce this design a few different times. Just tear out every page with a full-page picture (ads are great), trim the edges, and adhere with double-sided tape! 
Sadly, your record collection today might be more useful as art than as music. Pick your favorite albums (or just your favorite album art) and arrange them into a grid to jazz up an empty wall. Frame them if desired, but frames will cost about $10-15 each. (For a cheaper frame effect, snag some black card-stock and mount the albums against that before adhering to the wall.)
Old hotel keys/credit cards/baseball cards OR, pennies!
Time to clean out your wallet! These tables can be made by gluing the elements to the surface of a table, or for a less permanent approach, keep them in place by laying a clear cover on top of the whole design
Leftover Wallpaper
Do you have any wallpaper left over from the last time you decorated? If so, here is a bonus! Bring that wallpaper to a different room and use it as a makeshift headboard to add color at no cost. Here are some templates and step-by-step instructions. 

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