Margaritas + Mayhem! The Nest Guide to Cinco de Mayo….




It’s that time of the year again to take part in the celebrations, ceremonies and activities that make Cinco de Mayo so fun!! For those of you not subscribed to our nestletter, we wanted to share some insider tips and tricks for getting the most out of this years Cinco de Mayo festivities in the District…

If you have decided to forgo the crowds and have a in home fiesta with all your friends, here are a few tips to get your place party ready!


Cinco de Mayo is all about color and energy!! So why not grab some festive tablecloths, napkins, and plates. For a special, crafty touch, hand paint margarita glasses for each of one of your guests.  They  make a great party favor and will keep people thinking about reminiscing about your party!

On a budget? Why not turn it into a pot-luck and have each of your friends bring an authentic dish of choice! Think seven layer dips (like the one from The Girl Who Ate Everything above!) or an edible Mexican flag!  Definitely don’t forget the dessert.  These margarita cupcakes are not only adorable, they’re delicious too.  The frosting is made with tequila!  Festive, right?


If you consider yourself the chef of your crowd, ask your guests to take charge of beverages!  While margaritas and Mexican beer are a must, see if you can convince a friend to try their hand a a frozen version like these Corona Beer Popsicles or even ones of the margarita variety.  We can see these becoming a party must.


Of course its not a true Cinco de Mayo party with out some great music, awesome decorations, and a pinata!!  If you’ve got friends like mine, remember to move all breakable items from the area 🙂  Want to save some cash?  Break out the DIY gloves and create your own!

If those options aren’t enough for you then check out the Washington Post and Cloture Club guides to other events in and around the District!

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