Fireplace Flair

In the winter, many people like to cozy up around a fire, but lately the weather in D.C. has been so toasty that the idea of lighting a fire seems like a foreign concept!

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do with your fireplace in the off season that keep your home looking cozy! (These ideas apply to non-working fireplaces too!)

Make your fireplace a space for your favorite plants! You can change up which plants you feature depending on the season.


This idea to use your fireplace as a bookshelf is just fabulous for book lovers! You can line the back of your shelves with peel-off wallpaper, and paint the shelves to match the rest of your decor!


Fireplaces can also be used as a display area for your favorite collection. Take vases, statuettes, and souvenirs from your travels and make them the focal point of the room!


Finally, using candles in your fireplace is an fun twist on the classic wood-burning fire. Half the mess and maintenance, candles are an easier way to give your room a radiant glow!

Picture Credit: (1) Country Living, (2) Better Homes and Gardens, (3) Real Simple, (4) My Home Ideas


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