Re-vamp your Room in 10 Minutes or Less!

Change is good, especially when it comes to interior design. But just because you want change doesn’t mean that you want to spend your day (and budget) painting, shopping, and organizing. Here are quick ways to refresh your space in just a few quick minutes!

– Flower Power – Fresh flowers make your space feel happy and bright!

– Art Rotation – Take old artwork out of storage and rotate it into your art collection on your walls. Don’t have extra art? Changing the location of your artwork in your home can do wonders!

– Light a Candle – By lighting a candle (or three) your space can feel softer and cozier.
 – Clear the Clutter – Straightening up definitely helps to make your space feel new and inviting. It also helps your room feel bigger.
– Light, Light, Light! – Open the windows, get new (energy efficient) light bulbs, or move your mirror to a space across from a light source to make your room feel big and bright!
– Rearrange Furniture – This may take a bit longer than 10 minutes, but if you grab a few friends to help you, your room will seem brand new in no time!

What are you waiting for? Go re-vamp your room!


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