Christmas Tree Maintenance

It seems like everyone has a different theory on what works best to keep a Christmas tree alive! Some people say add sugar to the water, and others say add aspirin – no matter what method you use, everyone has the same ultimate goal: to keep their Christmas tree alive for as long as possible! Here’s what we suggest!

When you get your tree, be sure to cut off an inch from the bottom of the trunk before bringing it home. This will allow the tree to absorb much more water for a longer period of time! When it gets to your home, place it in water immediately (the longer the freshly cut end of the trunk is exposed the less water it will absorb). Have the tree suspended about 1/2 an inch above the bottom of the stand, and be sure to water it daily.

Water alone should be sufficient to keep your tree from looking like this, but if you still want to add something into the mix, some people like to use “plant food” packets that you can find at your local florist shop. No matter what you use, it’s best to keep your tree away from heaters, vents, and radiators because it will dry out your tree! When the season is over be sure to recycle your tree instead of throwing it away!

If you prefer to use a artificial tree, or get creative and make your own, we fully support that too! What are your favorite ways to bring a tree into your home? Do you prefer real or faux trees? We’d love to hear!


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