Save Energy & Stay Toasty

If you’re living DC, you may have noticed that temperatures have begun to drop and it’s getting a little chilly. Cold weather can get pretty energy intensive (ie. expensive) this time of year, but don’t let that get you down! Grab a cup of cocoa and check out these innovative ways to stay toasty this winter.

1) Lower your thermostat at night – For every degree you lower the temperature of your home, you save about 3% on your electric bill! Cooler nighttime temperatures allows you to save energy and also gives you an excuse to cuddle up with your favorite blankets!

2) Open your curtains- Letting daylight in is a guaranteed way to trap heat in your home, so open up your shades and enjoy the sunshine!

3) Use energy saving light bulbs – It’s no secret that during the winter it gets darker earlier. This means that we use more artificial light during our waking hours. By switching out regular light bulbs to energy saving bulbs you can save on your electric bill (these light bulbs also last a lot longer than regular ones)!

4) Light candles – Candles are an easy, and cheap way to add extra heat to a room. (Not to mention they make your home look more inviting!)

5) Invite company over – Each guest you invite over is equal to a 175 watt heating lamp! As if you needed another excuse to entertain this season!

If you’re looking for additional (and more conventional) ways to keep your home safe and warm this winter, you should also check out one of our latest Nestletters by clicking here! If you have a favorite tip, let us know here or on our twitter (@NestDC)! Happy Nesting!


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