5 Easy Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

Let’s face it, city life can get a little… cramped. Studio apartments and tiny one-bedrooms aren’t exactly the ideal place if you’re looking for space. But just because you don’t have space doesn’t mean you can’t make your apartment look and feel big! Follow these five easy Nest Tips to transform your home from small to spacious.

1) The Light Colors are the Right Colors – When you want to make your home feel bigger it’s important not to weigh it down with darker colors. To make any room look larger, use light colors on the walls to make it feel more open. If you’re really set on using dark colors on the wall, then try painting just one accent wall the darker color and keeping the others a lighter neutral.

2) Organize! – Get creative with storage ideas! Use a chest as a side table, use your bookcase for more than just books, and utilize under-the-bed storage solutions. (The Container Store is your friend!) An organized space translates visually as a larger space, so clear that clutter!

3) Check Your Reflection – It’s no secret that mirrors make any space look bigger. Hang a mirror across from a focal point in your room to create depth, or hang one across from your windows to reflect light. The result? Instant space!

4) Out with the Old. In with the Glass! – What textures and surfaces you use in your home can help to create the illusion of space. Glass coffee tables or floating shelves are ideal for making small spaces look big because they’re translucent and reflect sunlight!

5) Open Those Curtains! – Natural light makes any small space look larger, so open up those windows and let the sunshine in!

If you follow these steps you’ll be sure to make your home feel bigger and better in no time! Do you have any other tips that have worked to make your home feel larger? We’d love to hear them in the comments or tweet us @NestDC #NestTips! Happy nesting!


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