Frighteningly Fun Halloween Decorations!

If you love Halloween half as much as we at Nest-DC do, then you’ll be looking to celebrate this spooktacular holiday with style this weekend! Here are a few fun tips to get your nest looking its Halloween best!

First thing’s first, if you’re going to be celebrating Halloween you’re going to need a Jack-O-Lantern! If this is your first time making one, then check out this guide for pumpkin carving beginners! If you live in the DC area and are looking for a place to pick your own pumpkin, pay a visit to Jumbo’s Pumpkin Patch (it’s only an hour outside of the city)! Once you get started with your pumpkin, don’t be afraid to get creative! I especially like the pumpkins pictured below with fancy fangs! For another fun pumpkin idea consider making glitter pumpkins! These pumpkins can make excellent centerpieces for your tables (for a video tutorial on this craft click here)!

Now that's a Halloween tradition dentists can approve of!

Other ways to get your home in the Halloween spirit is by hanging up fake spider webs (you can usually find these at a convenience store), strings of lantern lights like these, or making an assortment of  expressive “jar-o-lanterns“. You can also cut out the silhouettes of  these paper mice, and scatter them across your stairs! If you’re inviting people over this weekend serve them some Halloween punch from a cauldron or some delicious caramel apples!

There are endless ways to make your home feel festive and fun this Halloweekend! Tweet us your Halloween decoration ideas (@NestDC) or leave them in the comments section below! Whatever your plans may be, we hope you have a fang-tastic Halloween!


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