Elegant Living In the Heart of Dupont!

Hello Nest followers!  I do hope everyone had a fantastic memorial day weekend!  I cannot believe it is already Thursday, but don’t fret, because we have a got something special for you!  An open house!  And not just any open house, but an open house in Dupont Circle!  Here is the address so you don’t get lost 1725 20th St NW.  This 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apt goes for $2450 a month.  It has a gourmet kitchen, granite counter tops, a breakfast bar, fireplace and a large outdoor patio that is perfect for entertaining.  Why don’t you take a look at our website here so you can get a better idea of just how fantastic this apartment is!

Lucky for you, Thursday brings some pretty good happy hours, so after you stop by at sometime between 5:30-7:30, you could maybe swing by The Front Page at Dupont Circle, 1333 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington DC, 20036.  With $2 Coronas and Miller Lites, and 3 yes three tacos for $1 from 5-7pm you cannot go wrong!  The crowd is all (legal) ages and with it being a pretty walk around the circle, in this finally gorgeous weather, there is no reason you cant enjoy a little time out in DC. Until next time nesters, this is Sarah signing off!



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