Memorial Day, Not Just for the Beach!

Helloo DC!  It is finally Memorial Day Weekend, as I am sure most of you know already!  I know there are some very lucky people out there who get the chance to really enjoy this weather at one of the wonderful beaches just a few hours away, Ocean City, Dewey Beach, who knows.  Or perhaps you get to break out the barbecue gear and grill something delicious with friends and family.  Either way, you are bound to have grand time this weekend!  But what about those with no set plans?  Lucky for you, the team here at Nest did a little big of research on what exactly is happening throughout DC!

So, just what is going on in the nations capital?  Well, on Sunday there is the National Memorial Day Concert.  It is a FREE concert on Sunday at 8pm (gates open at 5) featuring a mix of dramatic readings, dignitaries, and even a few musical acts.  It is on the West lawn of the Capital at 1st street.  What holiday would be complete without a parade?  Fear not, Monday is the Memorial Day Parade!  It starts at 2:00 it begins at Constitution and 7th, and continues all the way up past the White House to 17th.

Of course since this is a day to remember those who have fought for our country, a stop at Arlington Cemetery is something you will always remember.  Monday at 11am is the wreath laying ceremony and concert at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider which is really just beautiful if you’ve never been. Saturday, Rolling Thunder will be visiting the Navy Memorial and will also be holding a wreath laying ceremony at 11am.

If any of these events sound like something you need to see, just visit this link, where you can find additional events for thisbeautiful weekend.  Whatever you choose to do this Memorial Day weekend, just make sure to have tons of fun! 🙂


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