Last minute holiday party tips!

The holidays are a great time to hold cozy parties or cocktail hours with friends and family – but for those who have little planning time or tight budget due to Christmas shopping, there are a few quick and frugal ways to still throw a party that will jingle the bells.

For the Mood: Holiday decor can get expensive – so keep it simple. Packages of lights can come as cheap as $5.99 and red velvet or felt ribbon at $2.99. Place Christmas lights around the designated rooms and tie the red ribbon around chairs, drape it across the mantle, and swirl it around the staircase.
For an extra zing, place some simple, round ball ornaments around the tables and food. This process not only saves time, but keeps costs low! And forget about buying that expensive holiday CD – hook up your computer to the sound system and play a holiday station off of Pandora for endless music for free!

For the Food: While it may be tempting to break out the big turkey and lavish stuffing for the party, it requires a lot of time that you may not have around this hectic time. Opt for a rotisserie chicken instead, usually found at your local supermarket – add mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables on the side (easy to make, not much cooking involved). If you are expecting a large crowd, try purchasing a pre-made lasagna to heat up and serve. Place it in a pretty dish and no one has to know!


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