So, you’ve just moved into your dream h…

So, you’ve just moved into your dream house, have decorated every other room but your own  and are wondering, ‘Now what?’ Your creativity and patience began to run out somewhere between the guest bathroom and the basement hallways but you don’t want to sleep in a white room with no theme anymore.

Try adding mirrors to your walls! Think classy and elegant, rather than 1970’s and tacky. Instead of placing one large mirror across your entire wall, use smaller rectangles to panel the area, leaving space in between to show a little wall color – we would recommend working with a beige, off-white, or very light pastel.

This process is very easy to do, as long as the measuring is done correctly. Ideally, it would be best to measure out the wall and the size paneling necessary, then pencil sketch where each panel would go for accuracy and memory. Most Home Depot’s (or similar stores) are able to cut mirrors to desired sizes.

The mirror wall will add light to the room without being overwhelming, and save you from needing much more decor – the reflection will do it all! Stick with a few pieces of artwork and some lamps, and you’re set to go.


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