The Blues

For most people, blue means calm.  Whether this is realized through the experience of a mood ring, an amazing trip by the ocean, or reading an article about it online, it is safe to say that, as long as the color remains in the pastel and jewel tones, blue is relaxing.

Blue is also great for decorating! Not only is it a great wall color (and easy to accent with), but blue decor is also easily accessible. After perusing Apartmenttherapy, Re-nest, and HGTV, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite uses of blue in different spaces!

The Tiffany-blue wall. We love this because it is simple, classic, bright and sophisticated. Not to mention easy – rather than painting a whole room, try keeping the walls white and using one as the accent-blue wall. It’ll keep painting time down and style level up!



The Blue Decor Pieces. This take on blue keeps it simple and easy – forget big statement ideas and sprinkle blue into your already beautiful space through vases, cushions and pictures. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also allow for your creative side to come to life! When using blue as the accent, it usually makes more sense to go with a brighter, jewel tone that won’t get lost in the other colors.


The Statement Piece. There is always that statement piece – the one that does all the work for you. While finding a perfect blue chair, ottoman or table may be difficult, it is always worth the search and time once it brings an entire room together by simply looking elegant on its own. With a statement piece, it always helps to have a little bit of blue around the room as well (to tie the colors together). A small vase or even blue books on the coffee table will do the trick.


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