Creative ideas for studio apartments

Many tenants who live in studio apartments are always looking for that next creative idea that will give them more storage space, privacy, comfort, or use-ability. If you live in a studio, these struggles are all too familiar. Especially if you’re on a budget.

Aside from the classic “use a futon as your bed and couch” idea, here are some other creative ways to make space and privacy your own:

The Hide-Your-Bed-With-Half-A-Shelf:
Sometimes an entire shelf in the middle of your studio just isn’t feasible. But what about half a shelf? Try hiding your bed with a smaller shelf that acts as a small wall and storage area, giving some privacy but also leaving the space feeling open. This idea is best for studios that are longer than wider.

Also, try a shelf that can attach to the bed or near the bed as a headboard. This will cover the bed while also looking like another wall from the outside, separating “rooms” in the studio.



The Curtain:
Another idea that would cover and decorate at the same time is the curtain. Draping curtains above the end of your bed gives you a privacy when you want it. Curtains can be draped by hooks attached in the ceiling or long removable rods that attach from wall to wall. Then, place your furniture on the other side of the curtain as if it was merely another room and voila! Beauty and utility.

The End-of-the-Bed Space:
There are some spaces that every studio has – the end of the bed is one, for example. With a little bit of creativity and a hint of geometry, you can make the end of your bed its own entity.

One idea is placing a sleek, small couch or futon in that space. Serving as an extension of the bed, it’ll give seating space while also saving room in the apartment. The best way to incorporate this would be to match the bed spread with the couch, making the entire set-up look like one piece.


Another idea is placing the TV stand or desk at the foot of the bed (for those that don’t like watching TV while falling asleep). Keep the TV small and sleek, and face it in the other direction to allow for an automatic living room that is slightly separated from the bedroom. Just like with the couch, if the desk or TV stand can match or compliment the bedspread, the entire set-up will look smoother.


Good luck with the spaces!


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