The Guest Room

Often times, the guest room is the last room to be decorated and embellished. For many, focus usually travels from the main living room and dining room to the kitchen, bedroom, kids rooms, bathrooms, and then is exhausted. Guest rooms usually end up gaining a pitter-patter of left over furniture, decor and pieces that didn’t really fit anywhere else and “will do” for now.

Our idea? Try going super-simple with the decor. Paint the walls one solid color  and place all white furniture in the room. Simple, clean, and attractive. And you don’t even have to buy new furniture! Take the pieces that don’t fit anywhere else, re-paint them white, and you’ve got a brand new room on your hands. There is no immediate need for art, either — the walls can carry the room for you!

After the furniture, the decor can be simple — ideally along the white or metallic range. These will work with any wall color choice — once you’re comfortable and have time, embellish smaller things in the room (like wall art, light fixtures, rugs, door handles, etc). And voila! A great guest room that is finished and out of your hair!


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