The Un-Matching Chairs : Great idea for Students and Penny Pinchers!

When buying furniture for a new place, getting that 50inch flat screen TV and lounger couch are always at the top of the list sooner than a dining table and chairs. However, a few weeks into the living space, the need for the dining table becomes much more prevalent when eating dinner to avoid spilling on that new couch, entertaining friends, or having a space to work. But maybe now a dining table that matches your decor isn’t in your budget…what to do?

Mix and match from Craigslist! Often times, you can find tables and chairs that are either missing the entire set or only half attractive. So, take what you want and leave the rest — the best thing about newer spaces is the funky, un-matching look can work and intriguing! Take any type chairs that you like and pair them around a basic table to make a funky look that saves money and works.

Keep in mind, the chairs should be slightly matching or similar – either in color scheme or style just to create a slight flow. But they don’t need to be from the same set or even seller!

Check out more mix and match options at


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