Add some light and charm!

With the darker ends of fall and winter quickly approaching, a little more light in our homes would be nice. While the conventional lamp does the trick, there are more interesting ways of bringing that charm, too!

The Chandelier: While many homes come equipped with chandeliers, apartments or bedrooms don’t! Ikea runs many affordable, smaller, chic chandeliers that can easily be set up in a bedroom or apartments light fixture base.

The Christmas Light: A cheaper and easier decorating option is the Christmas light! Not that 6ft long tangled strand you hated dealing with before setting up the tree at the holidays, but decorative ones that have the same look with a smaller size. It’s a great way to cover up some blank walls without giving the look of clutter!

The Ball: We’ve all seen these. Those round, paper, usually colorful ball-looking lights that instantly give any place a soft, playful glow. A great idea for dorm rooms or small apartments, they are a cheap and easy way to bring light and decor into your apartment in creative ways. Bunch them in a corner to make a light cluster, spread them along your ceiling or hang them above your bed for a creative reading light.


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