Tip #4: Use “dark” colors to make light

Want that soft, light feel in your house? You don’t have to stick with only yellows and sky blues. Grays, browns, blacks and copper tones can bring the same effect plus some elegance!

The key is to emphasize the white – yes, white is hard to manage, so use it in spaces that won’t get too much wear and tear (i.e lamp shades, accent decor).White curtains are essential in creating the the soft glow and letting in tons of light.

Wall color is always safer in a neutral brown or light gray – versatile, calm, and pleasant. Leave the ceiling white and even trim, if possible.

Then, its all down to the accents! Don’t be afraid to mix browns, blacks and grays – it creates variety and they do complement each other in the room. Metallic accents are also a help – a picture frame, door knobs, or desk handles are a great start.

Check out interior designer Jami Supsic’s blog! Beautiful use of neutrals in her rooms and great blog for the avid interior designer!


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