Not enough storage space? Hang the jewelry!

Sometimes we have more jewelry than we know what to do with – presents from family and friends, things we just had to have, things we got on discount even though we rarely wear them…often times just collecting in a large tangle at the bottom of a jewelry box.

Thing is, it’s surprising how much more jewelry we’d wear if we knew what we had and could access it easily. Jewelry boxes and organizers can only hold so much, and with clunky pendants and large styles in fashion, it gets hard to fit everything inside.

Our suggestion? Hang the jewelry – it’s simple, keeps the necklaces from hanging, and looks pretty.

Option 1: If you store your jewelry in your bathroom or walk-in, put nails in the wall and hang the jewelry off of those. It’s simple, cost-effective and sturdy.

Option 2: If you have open shelving in your bedroom and not enough stuff to fill them, try placing 3M hooks on the top of the shelf and hang the necklaces off of those – they will make for pretty decor and accessible for wear.


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