D-I-Y Idea: The Headboard

Headboards are a great way to add that extra touch to any room or bed – just the right headboard can even complete a look. However, it’s not always easy to find headboards that are within our budget and in our style preferences. That’s why we offer another solution: Make one. We’ve done it and you can too!

Tools:   Staple gun
Super glue
Buttons (if necessary by design)
Ply wood
(2) 2X4 pieces of wood

First, being by deciding what you want your headboard to look like – think colors, fabrics, tufted or un-tufted, and even shape. In this case, we went with a square shape with black fabric, tufted with cream colored buttons.

1. After purchasing wood, if a specific design is desired, use a jigsaw to cut out the design out of the ply wood.

2. Cut foam to match dimensions of the plywood and superglue to the plywood

3. Take chosen fabric (make sure there is extra for it to fit around the headboard edges/corners!) and wrap around the foam, overlapping onto the other side of the headboard.

4. Staple the fabric into the wood – use many to secure the fabric!

5. Decide where the tufts will go, if desired. The typical number of tufts is 6 but can depend on each person. We put them in two parallel lines

6. Staple down the fabric on the desired locations of tufts – use 3-6 staples per tuft.

7. Superglue buttons to the tufts (we used a button-making kit to make sure we had the exact color/size we wanted)

8. Connect headboard to 2X4 (which will serve as legs to the headboard to stand on) by drilling and nailing 2X4 to the headboard

9. Connect the headboard to the wall with L brackets or, like we used, industrial level velcro (easier for apartments or cement walls)

The entire building process should take about 2 hours but is very easy and can be done in the living room! (Except drilling, of course). Remember to size up how high you want the headboard and take pillows and height of bed into mind – you want the tufts to show, not be hidden behind the pillows!

Let us know if you have any other DIY tips or tricks!


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